Director in repose

Director in repose

Film is what Logan has lived and studied his entire life, becoming, as he puts it,”A little bit of a savant” when it comes to the medium (“Not an idiot, just a savant.”), and our conversation bears this out. He’s knowledgeable about the industry and deeply thoughtful about his craft. Above all else, Logan Lerman is a professional, full of gratitude for everything around him and possessing an eagerness that’s quiet, non-invasive.

well, i made myself a narnia blog

i may or may not start posting all my narnia stuff there and right now i’m working on slowly queueing up everything from my main blog over to that one

basically it’s a blog with all of my narnia gifsets please follow it if you like narnia

HARRY POTTER MEME: three spells [1/3] → expecto patronum


quick i need a big list of slytherins

not harry potter characters just give me characters that are slytherins and good people


What are you thinking about?

What are you thinking about?

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

katie. 20. intp. slytherin. twin.
colorblind gifmaker. wv, usa.
mako mori groupie. human disaster.
captain of the susan and edmund pevensie defense squads

(started 9/23/14)
lee p and bin bons ruined everything