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lee p and bin bons ruined everything

September 16, 1971- Happy Bithday to the Queen herself Amy Meredith Poehler

Robert Kazinsky as Chuck Hansen in Pacific Rim (2013)


Once Upon A Time Season 3 Rewatch | 3x21

maybe things work out when they're supposed to. 
maybe it's all about timing.

my sister has to write a 250 word essay and the topic is just “what is art” and i want her to just put “art is taking a risk” and nothing else but she’s being a candyass

Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz in new Agents of SHIELD season 2 promotional pictures

"Truth is - I am Iron Man.”

Parks and Recreation Alphabet → b
 ↳ ben’s butt

"You ever heard Leslie talk about Ben’s butt? I’m all like - damn, girl, you mad sweet on that back meat."

favourite looks: Los Angeles premiere of Thor: The Dark World (2013)